The Goldfish Got Away

Today, I would like to introduce a charming book that will tickle children’s fancy: “The Goldfish Got Away”. This picture book, illustrated by Taro Gomi, is a fun and heartwarming story that teaches children the joy of observation and small discoveries in everyday life through the adventures of a single brightly colored goldfish.

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Basic Information

  • Title: The Goldfish has Gone
  • Author: Taro Gomi
  • Illustrator: Taro Gomi
  • Year of Publication: 1982
  • Publisher: Fukuinkan Shoten
  • Age: From 3 years old


In “The Goldfish Got Away” a goldfish jumps out of its bowl and hides somewhere. As the children search for the goldfish, they see many things. The children will be happy when they find the goldfish hiding in the room, outside, and in various other places.


What makes this picture book special is the beautiful use of color and shape in the drawings and the simple yet captivating story. Taro Gomi’s pictures are easy on children’s eyes and nurture their imagination. In the process of searching for the goldfish, they will also develop their powers of detailed observation and concentration.

Discover and Learn

Through this picture book, children learn the names of various colors, shapes, and objects. The act of “finding” them is an enjoyable discovery that fosters curiosity and an inquisitive mind. In addition, through the little creatures called goldfish, children will develop a sense of familiarity with living things and a heart for taking good care of them.

Recommended Readers

This picture book is perfect for young children ages 3 and up. Parents and children can read it together to strengthen their bond, and if they read it with friends, they can share the fun of searching for the goldfish in cooperation. It is also recommended for children who are just beginning to read picture books, as they can enjoy the story through pictures rather than words.


“The Goldfish Got Away” is a simple and beautiful picture book by Taro Gomi. Children will not only enjoy searching for goldfish, but also learn colors and shapes, and develop tender feelings toward living things. Please pick up a copy of this picture book that nurtures children’s imagination and powers of observation.

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