Three fun and catchy Rhythmic Picture Books

For children, the rhythm of picture books is an important element that attracts their attention. Repetitive phrases and vivid illustrations attract children’s interest and make for an enjoyable reading time for parents and children. In this issue, I have carefully selected three such picture books with “addictive rhythm”. I hope you will find your favorites among these wonderful picture books that will bring smiles to your children’s faces!


The world of picture books captures children’s hearts with its bright colors and rhythmical language. We would like to introduce three picture books in particular, “Shima Shima Guru Guru”, “Sayonara Sankaku” and “Ponchinpan” in which rhythmical phrases naturally come out of children’s mouths.

Shima Shima Guru Guru

“Shima Shima Guru Guru” is a mysterious and fascinating picture book that fills the pages with vivid “Shima Shima” and “Guru Guru”. Each turn of the page brings visually fresh and unique shapes and colors.

The color combinations and rhythmic patterns provide a visual experience that can be enjoyed by children as young as 0 years old. The movements and color changes of the stripes and circles create a pleasant rhythm that excites children’s hearts and minds without words. Like visual music, different rhythms and colors appear with each turn of the page, so children will never get bored.

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Sayonara Sankaku

“Sayonara Sankaku” is a picture book featuring a simple yet memorable play on words: “Good-bye, triangle, come again, square”. The rhythmic repetition of these phrases naturally conveys the fact that our surroundings are full of shapes such as triangles and squares.

The book also intrigues children with how many triangles and squares are around us and brings new discoveries into their daily lives. The simple illustrations and repetitive patterns are sure to stimulate children’s visual curiosity and keep them engaged with the rhythm of the words.

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“Ponchinpan” is a humorous picture book that surprises and amuses children by showing different expressions of familiar breads such as white bread, sweet red bean bun, and roll bread.

The unique onomatopoeic words and cute expressions of the breads create a rhythmical development that makes reading time enjoyable. Every time you turn the page, you will be excited to see what bread will appear next. The sounds and illustrations are exquisitely matched to stimulate children’s imagination.

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These picture books, with their addictive rhythms, not only spark children’s interest, but also help them learn interesting things about words and shapes. By repeating them in a read-aloud, the rhythmic phrases will naturally seep into children’s minds, and they will have more time to enjoy them together. Please find your favorite book and enjoy reading it to your children!


I am a mother of one child with a love of picture books! The time I spend reading picture books with my child is a treasure for me. In this blog, I introduce picture books that have left a deep impression on me and share the charm of stories that nurture children's imagination and sensitivity, and also inspire us adults to learn and be moved by them. I aim to create a place where readers can connect and empathize with each other through picture books. Thank you!

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