For kindergartners

Japanese books

Koguma-chan no Doro-Asobi

Koguma-chan no Doroasobi (Koguma-chan's Doroasobi)" is a story of dorokko play and friendship by Ken Wakayama. With colorful, simple illustrations and rhythmical text, the story of Shirokuma-chan and Kenkakatsumo making up is one that children can easily relate to and is ideal for reading to parents and children.
Japanese books

Top three Picture Books for Both Adults and Kids to Enjoy

In "Top three Picture Books for Both Adults and Kids to Enjoy" introduces a selection of picture books that deliver heartwarming messages and charming illustrations to adults as well. We guide you into the world of wonderful picture books where you can rediscover values and pure enjoyment that are often overlooked in daily life and enjoy reading with your parents and children.
Japanese books

Three fun and catchy Rhythmic Picture Books

I will introduce in detail the contents and charm of three picture books with addictive rhythms, "Shima Shima Guru Guru", "Sayonara Sankaku" and "Ponchinpan," and how to enjoy reading them to your children. With their rhythmical phrases and vivid illustrations, these picture books will captivate your children.
Western books

Here are three beloved picture books from around the world!

Recommended foreign picture books to nurture children's imagination! The three books introduced in this issue will make your parent-child reading sessions even more special. Please take a look at our selection of picture books that will expand your world through reading.
Japanese books

Gacha Gacha Don Don

"Gacha Gacha Don Don" is a picture book that expresses sounds in colors and shapes. It stimulates children's sense of sight and hearing, and nurtures their creativity and sensitivity through fun activities to perceive the rhythm and intensity of sound. It is also ideal for reading with parents and children.
Japanese books

Shirokuma-chan Pankaini

"Shirokuma-chan Pankaini" is a picture book about the adventures of Shirokuma-chan and her mother choosing bread during a fun shopping trip. Children will learn about the joys of small everyday discoveries and choices. This is a perfect book for parents and children to read together.
Japanese books


"Ponchinpan" is a picture book starring breads that we see in our daily lives, such as loaves of bread and bean-jam buns. Through the various faces of bread, children can expand their imagination and discover new ways of interacting with food. Perfect for families to read together.
Japanese books

Koguma-chan Arigato

"Koguma-chan, Arigato" (Koguma-chan,Thank you) is a heartwarming picture book in which a little koguma learns the meaning of the word "thank you" in her daily life. This is a wonderful story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, deepening the love and appreciation of the family. It is also ideal for reading aloud to children.
Japanese books

Koguma-chan Oyasumi

"Koguma-chan Oyasumi" (Koguma-chan Good Night) is a picture book depicting a heartwarming moment that Koguma spends with his father and mother before going to bed at night. It conveys the importance of this precious time with family: changing into pajamas, brushing teeth, and having a picture book read to them.
Japanese books

Koguma-chan Ohayo

"Koguma-chan Ohayo" (Koguma-chan, Good morning) is a heartwarming picture book by Ken Wakayama. Depicting the beginning to the end of a day for Koguma-chan, the book conveys to children the importance of daily habits and the joy of developing a spirit of independence. From washing his face in the morning to going to bed at night