Today I would like to introduce a very unique and fun picture book, “Ponchinpan”. This picture book is a wonderful story that nurtures children’s imagination using a familiar food, bread.

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Basic Information

  • Title: Ponchinpan
  • Author: Masahiro Kakinokihara
  • Illustrator: Masahiro Kakinokihara
  • Publication year: 2014
  • Publisher: Fukuinkan Shoten
  • Age Range: Toddlers and up


This picture book is about great adventure of bread. What kind of adventures does bread have? Well, bread makes many different faces to entertain us. For example, bread, bean-jam buns, rolls, and other breads that we often eat at home make mysterious faces and surprise us.


What is special about “Ponchinpan” is that it uses pictures of bread to create fun stories. The torn shapes of the bread sometimes look like interesting characters. When you read this picture book, you will feel that bread is not just a meal, but each piece of bread is special.

Discover and Learn

From this picture book, we can learn that food has many faces. Even a piece of bread comes in many varieties, each with its own character. It also conveys the message of taking good care of food. I feel that by tearing bread and playing with it, we can get to know food better.

Recommended Readers

“Ponchinpan” is recommended for children who love bread, young children who are beginning to take an interest in eating, and children who want to find a little fun in their daily lives. Also, parents and children can read the book together and look for the fun faces they see on the bread.


“Ponchinpan” is a picture book that will help you discover the new charm of bread. A mysterious and fun world awaits you, where small changes in bread can turn into great fun. After reading this picture book, you will surely look at bread differently. Today’s meal will be bread! Why don’t you join us to find out what kind of fun faces bread has?


I am a mother of one child with a love of picture books! The time I spend reading picture books with my child is a treasure for me. In this blog, I introduce picture books that have left a deep impression on me and share the charm of stories that nurture children's imagination and sensitivity, and also inspire us adults to learn and be moved by them. I aim to create a place where readers can connect and empathize with each other through picture books. Thank you!

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