Dondoko Don

Today I would like to introduce one of my favorite books, “Dondoko Don”. This picture book delightfully depicts the story of vegetables growing in the soil, allowing children to feel the power of nature and life.

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Basic Information

  • Title: Dondoko Don
  • Author: Shizuko Wakayama
  • Illustrator: Shizuko Wakayama
  • Year of Publication: 2011
  • Publisher: Fukuinkan Shoten
  • Age Range: Toddlers and up


“Dondoko Dodon” is a story of vegetables growing in the soil. Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taros, burdocks, and large radishes. The story depicts how these vegetables grow in the soil, accompanied by the fun sound “Dondoko-don”.


In “Dondoko Dodon,” each page opens to reveal a large picture of a vegetable. The picture book is long and vertical, and when you open it, the vegetables seem to jump out of the pages with a big “dong”. The colors are very vivid, and you can feel the vegetables growing vigorously.

Discover and Learn

From this picture book, you can learn how vegetables grow in the soil. Also, through the rhythmical words “dondoko dondoko”, you can feel the joy of sound. It will also help children develop the ability to imagine what is happening in nature.

Recommended Readers

“Dondoko Dodon” is an ideal picture book for children who love nature and vegetables. It is also recommended for nursery school, kindergarten, and early elementary school teachers, as it can be read out loud and happily.


Shizuko Wakayama’s picture book “Dondoko Dodon” is a beautiful and joyful depiction of vegetables growing vigorously. Every time you read it, you will feel the wonder of nature and the strength of life. It will be a fun book for children to read aloud.


I am a mother of one child with a love of picture books! The time I spend reading picture books with my child is a treasure for me. In this blog, I introduce picture books that have left a deep impression on me and share the charm of stories that nurture children's imagination and sensitivity, and also inspire us adults to learn and be moved by them. I aim to create a place where readers can connect and empathize with each other through picture books. Thank you!

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