Good Evening Mr. Moon

Today I would like to introduce a wonderful and heartwarming story, “Good Evening, Mr. Moon”. This picture book, with its beautiful contrast between the night sky and the moon, is perfect for reading to young children before bedtime. It is a story that will bring a smile to children’s hearts through the moon shining quietly in the quiet night.

Basic Information

  • Title: Good evening, Otsukisama!
  • Author: Akiko Hayashi
  • Illustrator: Akiko Hayashi
  • Year of Publication: 1986
  • Publisher: Fukuinkan Shoten
  • Age Range: Toddlers and up


“Good Evening Mr.Moon” is a story about the moon shining in the night sky and the little creatures on the ground who look up at it. The night when the moon appears is always filled with a sense that something special and magical is about to happen. However, there are times when the moon is hidden by clouds that suddenly appear. What kind of interaction takes place between the clouds and the moon at such times? And when the moon begins to shine brightly again, its gentle light quietly illuminates the surroundings, spreading an atmosphere of happiness.


The most distinctive features of this picture book are the warm illustrations by Akiko Hayashi and the simple yet moving story. The gentle use of color and the detailed depiction of facial expressions greatly enhance the atmosphere of the story. In addition, the simple but touching text evokes the tranquility of the night and the soft connection with the moon.

Discover and Learn

Reading “Good Evening, Mr. Moon”, The interactions with the moon, the night sky, and the clouds allow us to feel the beauty and wonder of nature. It also shows us that the moon, like the moon that reappears after the clouds have gone, can once again regain its brilliance.

Recommended Readers

This picture book is recommended for children from infancy. But in fact, if adults read it together, they will surely find it heartwarming. It will also provide a gentle respite for adults who tend to get caught up in the busyness of daily life.


“Good Evening, Mr. Moon” warms the hearts of readers with its beautiful illustrations by Akiko Hayashi and its memorable story. It is a wonderful picture book that will enrich children’s imaginations and show them the joy of looking up at the night sky and the beauty of nature. Let’s explore the wonders of the moon and the night sky together through this picture book.

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