Shima Shima Guru Guru

I would like to introduce a picture book that I particularly enjoy, “Shima Shima Guru Guru”. This picture book enriches young children’s minds and nurtures their imagination and visual perception with its attractive design and colors.

Basic Information

  • Title: Shima Shima Guru Guru
  • Author: Akio Kashiwara
  • Illustrator: Akio Kashiwara
  • Year of Publication: 2009
  • Publisher: Gakken Plus
  • Age Range: Toddlers and up


“Shima Shima Guru Guru” depicts a world full of colorful “Shima Shima” and “Guru Guru”. As you turn the pages, you will see mysterious shapes and beautiful colors. In this picture book, just quietly looking at the pictures is enough to get your heart racing.


The main feature of “Shima Shima Guru Guru” is its visual design. For young children in the early stages of visual development, patterns with strong contrast are easy to recognize and act as a visual stimulus. The appeal of this picture book is that it is designed to meet the developmental needs of young children.

Discover and Learn

Through this picture book, children can develop a sensitivity to colors and shapes. They will also discover something new with each turn of the page, stimulating their curiosity and inquisitiveness. It has the power to draw out children’s rich imagination through colors and shapes.

Recommended Readers

This picture book is especially intended for babies and toddlers from the first few months of life, when their vision begins to develop. Parents can read the book to their children and help them develop their imagination.


“Shima Shima Guru Guru” is a picture book with a mysterious power to move the hearts of those who see it. It is a simple yet profound message that enriches children’s senses. Why don’t you pick up this picture book and take a trip with us into the colorful and magical world? It will bring new discoveries and impressions to your heart.


I am a mother of one child with a love of picture books! The time I spend reading picture books with my child is a treasure for me. In this blog, I introduce picture books that have left a deep impression on me and share the charm of stories that nurture children's imagination and sensitivity, and also inspire us adults to learn and be moved by them. I aim to create a place where readers can connect and empathize with each other through picture books. Thank you!

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