Dear Zoo

Today I am pleased to introduce “Dear Zoo” a book that will become a timeless favorite for children. This simple and charming picture book is a fun and educational read that will transport young readers into the world of animals.

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Basic Information

  • Title: Dear Zoo
  • Author: Rod Campbell
  • Illustrator: Rod Campbell
  • Year of Publication: 1982
  • Publisher: Little Simon
  • Age Range: Toddler to 2 years old


The story begins with a child wanting a pet. So he decides to write a letter to the zoo and ask them to send him a pet. However, it turns out that each animal the zoo sends is not suitable for some reason. For example, the elephant is too big and the snake is too scary. Through these experiences, children learn about the characteristics of different animals and why they are not suitable as house pets.


The most striking feature of “Dear Zoo” is its simplicity and interactivity. With each turn of the page, children can “open” different boxes and baskets and see the animals that emerge from within. This stimulates imagination and provides a fun surprise for young children.

Discover and Learn

This picture book is a fun way to learn the names of various animals and what characteristics they have. By thinking about why an animal is or is not suitable for a pet, you will develop the ability to think things over carefully. By thinking about what kind of animal you would like when choosing a pet, you can also develop a sense of taking good care of things and a heart for your friends and family.

Recommended Readers

“Dear Zoo” is especially recommended for young children ages 2 to 5. Children this age can begin to develop an interest in animals, while at the same time developing language skills through reading. It is also a great read-aloud for parents and children, and can be used as a bonding time between parent and child.


With its engaging story and interactive elements, “Dear Zoo” has been a favorite of children for years for a reason. The book encourages young readers’ interest in the animal world and at the same time teaches them the joy of reading. It is an ideal book for parent-child read-alouds and for activities in kindergartens and preschools. “Dear Zo”o is a timeless classic that deserves to be added to every child’s bookshelf.

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I am a mother of one child with a love of picture books! The time I spend reading picture books with my child is a treasure for me. In this blog, I introduce picture books that have left a deep impression on me and share the charm of stories that nurture children's imagination and sensitivity, and also inspire us adults to learn and be moved by them. I aim to create a place where readers can connect and empathize with each other through picture books. Thank you!

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